West Hendon Public Inquiry – Round 2

Beginning on the 28th March 2017, will be the 2nd West Hendon Public Inquiry which will take place at the Royal Air Force museum in Colindale.

Details of the faceboook event are here.

Join the residents and supporters of the Our West Hendon campaign who will be outside protesting and raising awareness of the land grab and social cleansing of their Estate.

We also attach the ‘statement of reason’ from  Jasmin Parsons of West Hendon which has been put forward at the second Public Inquiry on behalf of the ‘Our West Hendon’ campaign, voicing the residents objections to the CPO’s, here:D2 Statement of reasons 1st March 2017

This statement sets out examples of why the residents are fighting against the alleged regeneration of their garden council estate and why it is of the utmost importance that the comments and views are given serious thought and consideration not only at the Public Inquiry, but also by the London Mayor as part of the Estate Regeneration Consultation.

To see Jasmin in action, and some footage of the last Public Inquiry, please watch the excellent documentary, The Estate we’re in.